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.`Wednesday, October 14, 2009. Y
I love life.♥

whatever your hand finds to do,
do it with your might;
for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.
Ecclesiastes 9:10


In My Own Little World,
12:14 PM

.`Tuesday, October 13, 2009. Y
I love life.♥

your love delights me, my sweetheart
your love is better than wine
your perfume is more fragrant then any spice

i love you so much ...


In My Own Little World,
7:52 PM

.`Friday, September 25, 2009. Y
I love life.♥

到了明天 说好不再见面 坐在结尾的店 我一个人点了一杯想念
到了明天 只能让爱擦肩 两个人的笑脸 天亮前 变成泛黄的照片
身边 寂寞在蔓延 视线 被泪水模糊焦点
把我爱你 留在了心底 放在了唇边

到了明天 你就离开我身边
到了明天 独自向流星许愿 像一场电影的完结篇
碎了一地的诺言 拼凑不回的昨天 可我仍期待奇迹会出现
而你身影 越来越远

爱 还留在我房间 回忆还未实现 一瞬间 感觉你就在眼前
身边 寂寞在蔓延 这视线 被泪水模糊焦点 一句我爱你
深深留在了心底 放在了唇边

没有你爱开始冬眠 孤单会占据每一天 我就在路灯下面 冷清的街边

我依然还等你回到我身边 你留在我冰冷的枕边
按下暂停的时间 直到你再次出现 无法承受没有你的每一天
我爱你不会改变 我爱你直到永远


In My Own Little World,
11:07 PM

.`. Y
I love life.♥

my blog will be dead until PMR finishes ...
the user of this blog is totally dead x.x


In My Own Little World,
11:21 AM

.`Friday, August 28, 2009. Y
I love life.♥

the son

A teenage Chinese witness to a racially motivated assault is being driven to the police station. A quiet reminder of the dangers of inter-communal suspicion and conflict.

In My Own Little World,
3:03 PM

.`Wednesday, August 26, 2009. Y
I love life.♥


babi ... babi ... babi ...
satu daging satu malaysia ...


In My Own Little World,
12:15 AM

.`. Y
I love life.♥

house ~~

what a sad story ...


In My Own Little World,
12:13 AM

.`Friday, August 21, 2009. Y
I love life.♥

im totally in love with him


In My Own Little World,
5:35 PM

.`. Y
I love life.♥

-15 malaysia-

potong saga


the tree

i love all the first 2 videos especially the potong saga ....
so funny ^^
i dun really interested in the 3rd video ...

you hv to potong ...
potong what?
that thing la ...


In My Own Little World,
12:40 PM

.`Friday, June 26, 2009. Y
I love life.♥

RIP Michael Jackson, You Will Be Missed

Today it was reported that Michael Jackson (aka THE KING OF POP) suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. Paramedics arrived at Jackson's home just too late and by the time they arrived, Jackson had no pulse. At the hospital they tried to resuscitate Jackson but had no luck.


In My Own Little World,
7:04 PM

`All the times we,had together.

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